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Take a Walk, Not a Pill

This is not to say that no one can benefit from pills, BUT it was very heartbreaking to see Dane suffer negative side effects one after the other when he would take certain medications. The worst part about all this is, when he would confront his doctor about these negative side effects, they would tell him that they are normal in the early stages of the medication, and that he should just "wait it out". If they weren't telling him to "wait it out", they would give a quick fix by adding another pill into the mix to alleviate the symptoms from the side effects from the first pill. This is absolutely outrageous!!!

This picture is significant because Dane was very passionate about nature and the outdoors. His mood was always heightened if he was spending time outside with his dog Lager, or hiking in the mountains with his family and girlfriend. Reconnecting with nature can actually calm some of the effects of trauma. Click here for a great article about "Immersing Yourself In Nature".

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