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"Clinic Opens in Kingston to Help Certify Medical Marijuana Patients" news article

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KINGSTON — A Pennsylvania-based marijuana advocacy group has opened a clinic in the borough to assist patients in getting their medical marijuana certification cards and help combat the opioid epidemic.

Omni Patient Advocates, headquartered in Camp Hill, has opened a clinic in an office at 3419 Market St. to help expedite the process for patients to get certified for a state-issued medical marijuana ID card.

The clinic is helping patients 21 or older obtain their state ID card that lasts for one year.

State law says to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, you must have a serious medical condition, including: ALS, autism, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, Huntington’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, intractable seizures, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, opioid use disorder, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, sickle cell anemia, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord, and/or severe chronic or intractable pain of neuropathic origin.

The company launched on April 20, 2018, commonly known to people in the marijuana industry as 4/20. It has been helping people get their cards for nearly a year now.

“We do the entire registration process free of charge,” said Jessica Freedman, Omni human resources and operations manager. “There are 21 serious medical conditions that allow you to have a medical marijuana card.”

Freedman said the cost of a card is $225 but her company offers different payment plans. Veteran and pediatric discounts are also available.

Freedman said about 20 people turned out for Saturday’s clinic day, which she considers “really good.”

Freedman noted that the clinic’s current location at Cohen & Haydu Chiropractic Clinic is only available Saturdays.

“While we have our next date set for March 9, we may not be in this location for long,” Freedman said. “We are still looking for another space for people to have more access to our services.”

For more information about Omni Patient Advocates, you can follow it on Facebook or check out its website. Patients can also schedule appointments by calling 1-800-616-1008 or via Facebook.

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