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"Licensed Therapist Provides Tips on Coping with Holiday Depression" news article

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It’s the holiday season and for many it’s a joyous time with family and friends… but for others, the season brings painful reminders that lead to depression.

“The majority of people are trying to cope with issues of loss, mainly.” said Mike Monic who is a licensed therapist in Jennings.

He says the pain of loss is often magnified during the holidays because that time of year can be linked to their most precious memories.

Also, people are less physically active during that time of the year.

“When they are experiencing a holiday for the first time after the loss of a loved one early on during the holidays to commemorate that individual.” said Monic.

That way family members can remember the good times they shared with their loved ones when they were alive.

“Like on christmas morning for the family get together to talk about how whoever this individual, engage in some of the activities that they would engage in and kind of bring them in to that holiday then move on to the normal functioning of the family.” he added.

Monic explains that divorce can often cause depression for children during the holiday season.

However, preparing a child for exactly how the holidays will be changing for them will help them cope with their stress.

Monic also recommends those suffering from holiday depression to get active.

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