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We want to stress the life-changing progress that Dane experienced with the help of his service dog, Lager. Lager passed away suddenly in Danes arms 20 days before he took his own life, it was more than his precious heart could take. He kept walking around saying "I have such a hole in my heart, why did my boy have to die?" We have started a separate fund in which we will utilize the money raised to donate 8 week old German Shepherd puppies to struggling veterans. The purpose of this process is to help establish a therapuetic bond between the veteran and the dog as early as possible, We will work on a case by case basis with the veteran and their dog to help place them into a training program.


Each year, depending on the amount of money we receive in donations, we will donate therapy/service dog(s) to a struggling veteran(s) in need. Therapy/service dogs greatly improve a veterans quality of life and have been proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Your donation to this fund will be directly used to cover the following: the cost of the therapy/service puppy, a crate, a leash, a collar, one bag of puppy food, and the delivery of the puppy to the veteran.


We are thrilled to announce that with the help of your donations, we have been able to grant therapy/service puppies to sixteen veterans around the country. We want to thank Kay Dale at "Poje German Shepherds" in Arkansas for reaching out to us and making this all possible. Please click here to visit her kennel webpage. Danes story truly touched her heart and she has partnered with us in placing these puppies. She is already organizing fundraisers to raise money for this fund in her area and has offered to drive to various places all over the country to drop these puppies off to those veterans in need.


Federal Tax ID number: 46-4964593


Please click here for updates on dog placements.



RIP Lager 8/29/12-11/23/13

July 10th, 2017: Andy Saft & Mike Black of the Central Pennsylvania Corvette Club present a donation to Dane's Dogs for Vets in the amount of $13,000.00!! Andy's incredible fundraising efforts during this event went above and beyond anything we ever could have imagined. We are so appreciative that your club chose our cause for your annual fundraiser this year.



September 9th, 2017: Capital City Chapter 430 Star Touring & Riding & Hanover Chapter 443 Star Touring & Riding presents a donation to Dane's Dogs for Vets in the amount of $2,647.00 following their annual BBQ fundraiser held in June. Your continued support for our cause is greatly appreciated in changing the lives of our veterans!



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