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World Mental Health Day: "Prince William, Duchess Kate Shine Spotlight on World Mental Health D

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out Saturday to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day, visiting young people who have battled mental health issues.

During the visit to Harrow College, Prince William and Duchess Kate met with young volunteers, who shared their personal experiences with mental health issues and who now volunteer with Time to Change, a non-profit that battles stigmas against mental health.

One of those who spoke at the event was Vithuja Balasingam, who met the Duke and Duchess and gave a speech about her experiences.

"I had always conformed to the idea that having a mental illness is something to be ashamed of and hide, but actually being open, saying, 'Yes, I have depression, but so what?' has really helped me in my recovery and that's why I'm here today," she said. "To celebrate how far we've come and to remind everyone that it's okay to talk without being afraid or ashamed."

Paul Farmer, chief executive of the mental healthy charity behind the event, Mind, said that the Duke and Duchess' appearance is "helping us to send an important and urgent message to the world that it is time to change our attitudes about mental health problems."

The couple also observed a training session to educate young people about emotional health and resilience at the college before attending a reception to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

The appearance marks the first joint appearance the royal couple has made for mental health awareness.

In September, Duchess Kate made her first solo appearance since giving birth to Princess Charlotte at a London mental health center for children.

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