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"8 Apps That May Help Maintain Your Mental Health" article

While some studies suggest overuse of technology can be linked to depression, apps that actually help maintain mental health exist. They’re of course not meant to substitute professional care, but they can be integrated into any mental wellness plan.

The Mighty did some research and also asked their readers on Facebook which apps they use to maintain their mental health. Here were 8 mental health-related apps that stuck out:

1. The Now mindfulness app [Free]

This app sends inspirational quotes as mindfulness reminders throughout the day. According to its website, the app’s goal is to encourage users to engage in the present and achieve a constant state of mindfulness.

Recommended by Zow Grow.

2. Talkspace counseling app [Free to download, additional features for purchase]

This app discretely allows users to chat with licensed therapists. The free version offers limited access to therapists, but for $25 a week users can send unlimited daily messages to a therapist. Other plans available for in-app purchase include video therapy sessions for $29/every 30 minutes.

3. Bejeweled game app [Free]

One reader recommended finding a silly game as a mindless distraction. Bejeweled, for example, fills the screen with colorful jewels that need to be organized into rows of three or more jewels of the same kind.

Recommended by Leah Sturdivant

4. Smiling Mind mediation app [Free]

This customizable meditation app offers guided mediation exercises based on age. According to their website, Smiling Mind is ideal for young people and beginners. Get an online trial or download the app here.

Recommended by Susanna’ N’ Martin Flanagan.

5. Wunderlist productivity app [Free]

This app allows users to make to-do lists, label lists, set deadlines and collaborate with others. Among many available list apps, Wunderlist shines for its clean interface and simple navigation. For some, making lists can help make life seem more manageable.

Recommended by Mara Katherine Meyer

6. Optimism

Optimism is about more than staying happy. It helps users track their moods and see patterns in what triggers their negative thoughts. The app also helps users create self-care plans to manage their emotions. It’s available in mobile or desktop versions.

7. Operation Reach Out suicide prevention app [Free]

Originally designed to prevent suicide in the military community, this app is useful for anyone experiencing depression or trying to help a friend who has suicidal thoughts. It offers 12 short videos directed towards people considering suicide and a customizable list of help resources. There are also 10 videos for people who want to offer support to others such as, “Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Tough Questions.” **

8. SuperBetter mental wellness gaming app. [Free]

**If you or someone you know needs help, please visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Head here for a list of crisis centers around the world.

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