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"Inspiration" Mural near PSU

A friend of Danes from PSU shared her experience honoring him at the mural "Inspiration" by artist Michael Pilato on the side of a building downtown.

Lauren Ceppi shared this beautiful story on Danes Facebook memorial group:

"Penn state has a famous mural of inspirational people on one of the buildings downtown. The artist loves sharing the story of the mural and the meaning behind each piece he painted within it. After you listen to the story he lets you add a handprint to the wall that adds to the overall image. When it was my turn to put my print on the wall, the artist noticed my hero bracelet and after telling him Dane's story, immediately took me over to a separate part of the mural. He insisted I put another version of my bright yellow handprint in a sea of blue handprints that made up a large whale on the mural. He directed me specifically towards the eye of the whale and pressed his hand into mine against the mural, and told me to look closer. When I did, I couldn't help but notice the scene in the whale's eye. I turned back to the artist and he nodded and said, "To put your handprint, and his heart and spirit where it belongs: with the rest of the heroes".

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