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Updated 'Resources' Page!

Visit our updated 'Printable Materials' page under the 'Resources' tab across the top of our webpage. There are now articles, fact sheets, and wallet cards in PDF format all gathered together in one place for you to print, download or distribute to the public! Join our fight to end suicide and encourage others to seek help by raising awareness about mental health and letting people know about important resources available. You are NOT alone. Mental health conditions are common and treatable - you can feel better!

We hope that you take the time to visit this updated page and that you benefit from having access to this lifesaving information. Please forward any additional resources to us that you think should be added. There are various categories based on the kind of material you are looking for: Crisis/Suicide Prevention, Depression, Anxiety, Military/Veteran Specific, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Local Resources. You are also able to download a Dane's Dogs for Vets brochure as well as other items related to the fund in Dane's memory. Click here to go there now!

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