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AFSP: Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways: Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

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With so many messages about suicide coming at you through the media and entertainment – whether it’s 13 Reasons Why, the S-Town podcast, or disturbing stories in the news – it’s important to know you can stop suicide simply by being aware and taking action. Aware of the risk factors and warning signs that can lead to suicide…aware of how to have a caring conversation with someone you’re worried about…aware that help is always available…aware of the fact that prevention starts with simply approaching mental health like the real and important aspect of health that it is.

Think about the people you come into contact with throughout the course of your day. Your family, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, and friends. Do your part in creating a caring culture by being present, taking a moment, listening, and knowing what to look for, not just in others, but yourself. Practice mental health safety by looking both ways – outward and inward – at others and in yourself.

For May Mental Health Awareness Month, we at AFSP are giving you the tools and resources you need to look both ways – knowledgeably and compassionately – to stay aware and take action if you or the people in your community need help.

Awareness can save a life. Look both ways to stop suicide.

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