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Cpl Dane Freedman honored at event in Iowa April 4, 2015

We cannot wait to attend this event!! We cannot thank Betty enough and everyone else at Freedom Quilts! Please read below:

"This year Freedom Quilts will be honoring 7 amazing heroes and their families. Each family has touched my very soul. As I designed the quilt for each of them, I felt honored to be given the privilege of getting to know them. All seven of our heroes were amazing men, as are their families.

It will be a very emotional time for them, so please remember to let them know you care. Freedom Quilts is going to do all that it can to make it special for each family. We are starting it off by providing lodging for the family at a really nice resort for two nights – their hotel fee and meals will all be covered, thanks to generous Freedom Quilts support. Along with the rooms, they will also have waterpark tickets.

We will have Legion Riders and Knights of Columbus Saluting the families as they get into the limo. The limo will drive them to the Freedom Quilts Shop. They will have an escort and when they arrive, people holding flags will greet the the families and will let them know how honored they are to be present. A 21 gun salute and taps will be played. Inside we will have the battle cross along with speakers talking about each of these amazing heroes.

The families, if they wish, could also speak of their loved ones. Then, we will present the quilts to the families. When the the event is over, the limo will take the families back to the resort. It will be emotional for each of these families.

This year we will be honoring the following amazing heroes:

Major Jeffery Warstler Jr, PFC Jacob Wykstra, Petty Officer 1st Class Joseph McSween, Navy Seal Thomas Retzer, Cpl Dane Freedman, Sgt Daniel Sesker, and SP4 Vernon Sullivan

The event is very emotional for me also. I just don’t get to know the heroes, but I also get to know the little boy who grew up to be a hero. I get to meet and care deeply for the families who are being honored.

My goal and the goal of my amazing volunteers is to bring comfort to each of the families. It brings them joy to know that they have made a difference in people’s lives.

So this April 4th, please keep the families of these heroes in your prayers, for it truly will be a very emotional day.

April 4th would not be able to happen if it wasn’t for the volunteers who give so much of their time, and for the sponsors and donors who without out their donations, we would never be able to do this. So thank you all. You all have a huge part in bringing comfort to the families.

God bless you all and thank you for allowing me to help those that need comfort."

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