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Vet Journey Home : Free Veterans Weekend Program in Boiling Springs, PA!

Vets Journey Home is an organization dedicated to helping veterans with emotional issues from time in military service. Vets Journey Home focuses on PTSD, MST (Military Sexual Trauma), emotional guilt and trauma many veterans carry with them long after their time in service. These are feelings that are hard to release to family and friends who have not experienced them. Vets Journey Home is committed to giving veterans the Welcome Home they deserved and helping them heal their hearts and bring peace to their souls.

This is a direct message from our friend Craig Williamson, in Carlisle, PA:

Vets Journey Home will be having a free Veterans Weekend program for emotional healing support, PTSD and other service related trauma on February 6th, 7th, and 8th at Allenberry Inn & Resort in Boiling Springs, Pa.

THERE IS ROOM FOR TWO MORE PARTICIPANTS and you may contact Craig at 717-385-6409 for more details or view

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