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June is PTSD Awareness Month! Learn how you can help spread awareness.

June is PTSD Awareness Month

Here are 6 ways you can help!!

(ALL INFORMATION taken from the National Center for PTSD)

*Blue text indicates a LINK

LEARN: PTSD treatment can help.

1. Discover the facts: Start with PTSD Basics, key information about trauma, PTSD and treatment options.

2. Watch and learn: Take the mystery out of PTSD treatment. Hear from Veterans and their clinicians at AboutFace. Or, take advantage of technology with PTSD Coach Online or mobile apps to help you manage PTSD symptoms.

CONNECT: Reach out to someone.

3. Work together. Promote PTSD Awareness Month with us! There are promotional materials to help you organize event or pass along information on PTSD and effective treatments.

4. Help someone. Help yourself. Do you want to find out if you have PTSD or talk about treatment options? Take action for yourself or someone you care about. Learn where to get help for PTSD.

SHARE: Spread the word.

5. Give support. Get Support. It can be hard to reach out for help. Read tips on how to overcome barriers to care, and know that there is support for family and friends too.

6. Share what you learn. Stay up-to-date and ask us questions about PTSD on Facebook or Twitter. If you prefer email, subscribe to any of our publications: PTSD Monthly Update, Clinician's Trauma Update-Online, or PTSD Research Quarterly.

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