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Memorial Day Tributes

The following are special Memoral Day tributes posted to Facebook that mentioned our hero, Cpl Dane Freedman. The picture was posted along with Beccas comment.

  • "A special thank you goes out to all of those who are currently serving or have served in our US armed forces. Your courage and bravery are incredibly honorable and deserve the utmost respect and appreciation. Thank you for protecting the freedom that we Americans so treasure. My heart goes out to all of our soldiers and their families for their selfless acts. This Memorial Day, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Dane Michael and his loving family. Dane, I miss you more than words can describe. Thank you so much for serving our country and for ALWAYS being your true goofy self! You will forever be our wildcard, and I love and miss you so very much!!" -- Becca Wong

  • "RIP Dane. You served your country and then fought your personal battle until you made the ultimate sacrifice. We remember you today and are grateful for your service." -- Vicki Chambers

  • "Dane... Thinking of you and your family so deeply today... as we often do on so many days. You were a true brother to so many of our 1/3... and, always will be. You will never be forgotten... for your service, loyalty, and love for our country, and for the love and "got your back" you had for your 1/3 brothers. May your soul be at rest. We will always remember." -- Thelma Grivois

  • "Happy Memorial Day. As much as I love this holiday for the parade, family time, picnics's important to remember what it's all about - those men and women who have served our country and lost their lives in active duty or because of it. Dane Michael you are incredibly missed by so many - and today we celebrate you...and especially your laughter and the love you brought to so many." -- Kimberly Mack

  • "Remembering you today and always." -- Michele Vallor

  • "Memorial Day isn't about cookout's and having a good time it's about remembering all the soldiers that fought for our country's freedom please take a moment today and thank a soldier for what they have done and also remember the soldiers who lost there lives fighting for are country I would like to take a special moment to thank my cousin Dane Michael for what you have done for our country you were a great person we miss and love you so much" -- Lindsey Harris

  • "Happy Memorial Day Dane. You will always be missed but never forgotten. Love ya cuz." --Shane Harris

  • "Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all veterans who have served our country.. This day hits very close to home as both my father and grand father have served our country for a majority of their lives in the Army. Also this day is in honor of those who have lost their lives. Thank you Dane Michael you are always in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Thank you all for your service." -- Tiffany Miller

  • "Salute to two of my favorite Veterans and Heroes, My grandfather, CPL Anthony Naso and CPL Dane Freedman. My grandpa, a first generation Italian-American, taught me to hold my Country in High Esteem!! (Miss you so much Grandpa!!) R.I.P ~ Forever Grateful and Proud to carry on both of your Legacies" -- Michele Miele

  • "On this flag are the signatures are some of the finest men any man could ask to serve with. Two of names on this flag, a Lcpl Pier and Lcpl Freedman are no longer with us but will never be forgotten. Those two were the heart and soul of Bravo 4/3. Take care this Memorial Day Weekend." --Anthony Piol

  • "Honoring all those service men & women that paid the ultimate sacrifice both on and off the battlefield this Memorial Day, especially my dear big brother, Dane. Your bravery, service to this country, and beautiful spirit will never ever be forgotten. I miss you every second of every day, you will live on in me until the day we are reunited. Never forget our fallen Heroes, even the ones who fall at home. I love you with all my heart broski, you always have been and always will be my hero" -- Rachelle Freedman

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