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Patriots 4 Our Heroes, the Three R's, and Sr. Chief Robert Reid

This Friday night and Saturday afternoon we welcomed Sr. Chief Robert Reid into our home to tell him Danes story. We discussed the "Patriots 4 Our Heroes" project and the Three R's, Resistence, Resilience, Recovery.

Patriots 4 Our Heroes is a non-profit organization focused on the transformation of PTSD & TBI through 3R’s (Resistance, Resilience, and Recovery). PTSD & TBI 3R’s project was launched in July 2013 through contributions from diverse military and civilian leaders across the public and private sectors. Our collective opportunity, with your help, is to transform "Gratitude of a Grateful Nation" from a catch phrase into action! Roll up a sleeve to confront the most predominate service connected injury across our Veteran population. The mission of this project is to proactively empower our heroes, and their loved ones, impacted by PTSD and TBI to more optimally support their life transitions and explore full potential through a personalized progression from resistance and resilience to a level of thriving recovery through awareness, education, scientific research and global collaboration.

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