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Psychiatry's Secret Involvement in Military Suicides

PLEASE WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY!!! It is an hour and forty five minutes and worth every single second. Educate yourself!!

This is such an important issue that needs to be brought into the light. It goes in depth about how the psychotropic drugs our veterans receive from the VA contribute to many adverse and even deadly side effects. According to the documentary, 98% of veterans diagnosed with PTSD are prescribed a psychotropic drug to manage their symptoms. Medication has been and still is the number one treatment option. But the scary truth is, the only two drugs FDA approved for use to treat PTSD (Zoloft & Paxil) really don't have any objective evidence that they actually HELP alleviate symptoms of post traumatic stress. In fact, with at least one veteran killing him or herself every 65 MINUTES, I think it's safe to say these drugs are actually slowly, over time, KILLING our veterans.

An overwhelming number of vets also die in their sleep every year from multiple drug toxicity, for doing nothing more than taking the medications that a doctor who they thought they could trust, prescribed to them. We as a family saw what these mind-altering drugs can do to someone's sense of self, our vets needs to TALK, not be numbed by medications. They don't deserve to be put on medications that make them a completely different person.Our soldiers are WOUNDED and need HEALING. They are NOT forever BROKEN. Post traumatic stress is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation, but psychiatry as recently as 1980 had this labeled as a "disorder", when in reality, it's not a disorder at all!! As with many other disorders, many of these veterans are receiving a diagnosis after meeting with a psychiatrist for sometimes as little as FIVE MINUTES. After they receive the diagnosis, they will be pressured to take psychotropic, mind-altering drugs. How can you tell me that that diagnosis isn't based solely on that doctors opinion??I really really recommend watching this shocking documentary that includes so many heartbreaking stories just like Dane's, from struggling Veterans all over the world. This is an epidemic, and it needs to therefore be treated as one. Why do we continue to use our military as breeding grounds for experimental treatments?!

Please watch, you WILL BE SHOCKED!

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