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"Preventing Suicide: Breaking the Silence" NBC Philadelphia documentary

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"Suicide is considered a whispered word. But those who have attempted it - and their friends and relatives - are sharing their stories to heal and help others in crisis. Watch our full-length digital documentary."

About this series

We talk about suicide all the time: a turn of phrase here; a hushed conversation there; the obituary that omits the manner of death. But as a community, we avoid talking about the issue directly and openly. We do this despite the fact that more than 1.1 million Americans attempt to take their lives every year. It’s not something we should tolerate.

For the past six months, NBC10 and Telemundo62 journalists have been speaking with the very people who know the realities of suicide -- attempt survivors, loss survivors, experts and activists -- to learn what is causing the steady increase in suicide attempts and deaths and what needs to happen to reverse it.

This Digital Exclusive special report is the culmination of our extensive research and reporting. We’re breaking our silence around suicide and, now, let us show you why you should break yours.

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