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Memorial Day 2017

For some people, Memorial Day is every day. Today, we honor and remember those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. They are the reason we are able to enjoy the freedom that we so often take for granted in this country.

Did you know? Over 22 veterans and 1 active military member dies by suicide each day?

Today, we choose to not only remember those who died on the battlefield, but also those men & women who succumbed to the invisible wounds of war. Never forget the sacrifice.. Take a moment today to remember what this holiday is really about. Sending love to all military members remembering their fallen comrades today.. we know this can be an incredibly hard weekend for you all, and we are thinking of you.


Our hero, Cpl Dane Freedman, today, tomorrow, and always!!

9/13/88 - 12/13/13

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