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Local resource for Veterans & Military Families: American Red Cross

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Born on the battlefield, the Red Cross sees it as one of our primary missions to support our Military and their families. Their Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) department includes assistance for military families and Veterans in the following areas:

  • Financial Assistance: The Red Cross partners with the military aid societies to help service members and their families get emergency financial assistance 24/7.

  • Information and Referral Services: The Red Cross provides counseling, guidance, information, referrals and other social services for all military personnel and their families.

  • Deployment services: Before, during and after deployments, the Red Cross provides training, information and support for military members and their families.

  • Emergency Communication services: All day, every day, the Red Cross connects service members with their families back home when an emergency strikes.

Click here to see how the American Red Cross supports our Military Families and Veterans.

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