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"Gov. Wolf on medical marijuana: Ask House leader why bill hasn’t passed" article

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A few tense moments during a sit-in at the Capitol Rotunda on Monday were followed by a surprise appearance by Governor Tom Wolf.

Campaign for Compassion organized the sit-in to call for a House vote on Senate Bill 3. The bill to legalize medical marijuana passed the Senate in May, but the House has taken no action for nine months.

“First we were promised that something would be done in July, and then September, and then November, and then December, and then nothing. They went home and our loved ones and children suffered,” Cara Salemme of Campaign for Compassion said.

Some at the rally became upset when security officers asked the demonstrators to make a path for people to walk. The protestors yelled “we are sick of waiting” and “obstruction of justice.”

“They are fed up with how things are done here at the Capitol and I don’t think they are willing to take any crap from people anymore, so tempers got flared,” Dana Ulrich of Campaign for Compassion said.

The sit-in was otherwise peaceful. The crowd cheered when Governor Tom Wolf made an appearance. Someone in the crowd yelled out and asked him why Senate Bill 3 has not been passed.

“The Speaker of the House is right down the [hall],” Wolf replied. “Why don’t you go down there and ask him, because I will sign it.”

“It is unfortunate that a few people within a legislature of 203 members are making this an impossible task,” Ulrich said.

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