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"Midstaters Walk for Suicide Awareness" ABC27 article

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Despite a soggy afternoon, hundreds came out to Harrisburg to help each other and help someone out there battling depression. Preventing a suicide could be as simple as reaching out.

As rain drops fell outside tears of joy were shed across so many faces today. The people walking just wanted their message to be heard, that suicide can be prevented.

From the outside looking in, you would think this is a typical family reunion.

“I think that people would honestly come out in a monsoon or a snow storm for this”, said Organizer Brandon Marsico, not related by blood, but bonded by something stronger, pain.

Some silent but all dressed in loud beads. “White beads are for the loss of a child”

Robin Goudy is wearing white, for her son Evan. It’s been 11 months since she had to say goodbye.

“Evan tried the best he could and he wasn’t able to go anymore. So it’s up to me and his siblings and family and friends and people that don’t know him to be aware that this can happen to anybody at anytime”, said Robin Goudy.

Robin says Evan is remembered for not how he died, but how he lived. Robin Goudy said, “It’s not something to be ashamed of.”

“What is different about suicide is it is so sudden and it happens so quickly that you don’t really get that preparation you do as with other diseases or illnesses that you may be dying from. When you die from suicide it’s a sudden and instant ending:, said Brandon Marsico, Organizer.

This reunion came out of the darkness celebrating bright memories.

The money from the walk will go toward research, education, and future walks. If you or someone you know is struggling there are resources to get help. We have them on our website

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