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Heartwarming story!! "Young Girl Takes Action to Get Veteran PTSD Care" article

A selfless campaign led by and 8-year-old girl could change the life of a 12-year veteran.

Nick Bailey has served on two tours in Iraq. He suffers from spinal injuries and PTSD resulting from being hit by a mortar round.

Nick and his wife Vanessa want to get their German Shepherd, Abel, trained as a service dog. Nick has always shared a close bond with the family dog, and finds the aid of service animals helps him go about his day.

The problem is that he needs help to train his dog, and help is expensive.

The couple’s research found that training school can cost nearly $6,000, and despite reaching out to various resources they have been able to get any assistance in the process.

Enter 8-year-old Rachel Mennett. Nick and Rachel had never met, but his story inspired Rachel to take action in the best way she could. She asked her parents for a lemonade stand to help the Baileys raise the necessary funds.

Rachel had never met Nick before, but understood the struggle and need he faced and she wished to give back for his service.

Nichalas Bailey was visibly moved by the gesture, telling WCSC news that he was amazed that an 8-year-old girl he had never met would show any interest in him or his dog.

“Nobody asked her if she wanted to do it, or told her that she needed to do it, she actually asked if she could do it,” said Nick. “To me that’s just amazing.”

WCSC reports that Rachel set up her stand at a local pet store, where she was helped by her brother.

Many stopped just to donate to the Bailey’s cause, and donations have been coming in through a GoFundMe page.


Please visit our donation page to learn how you can help place German Shepherd puppies with veterans struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through the Cpl Dane Freedman PTSD Service Dog Fund.

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