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What would you do to save a Soldier? Stop Soldier Suicide

What Would You Do To Save A Soldier?

Information taken from Stop Soldier Suicide

It will take an army of people to change the course of the epidemic we are facing of Soldier and Veteran suicide. When every hour we lose another person who fought valiantly for our country, many of whom volunteered to serve, it’s incumbent upon us all to fight for them now.

PTS is the most common mental-health diagnosis among Veterans, yet fewer than half of those affected seek help.

We need your help to shift the stigma surrounding mental health and military acceptance of the 30%+ of our Veterans suffering from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). Of the warriors who can’t shut out the trauma of their service. Of their training. Of their guilt at being alive. Those who can’t transition back to a “normal” life that to them is anything but normal after all they’ve experienced.

“I must do something” always solves more problems than, “Something must be done.”

It doesn’t take a lot, but it takes a lot of us DOING SOMETHING to change the direction of this tidal wave of military suicides now upon us.

  • Reach out to us for any Veteran or Soldier you know who exhibits signs of needing help.

  • Be a donor—consider making a monthly donation.

  • Attend our events or share them with others.

  • Host your own events to raise money for our cause.

  • Rally your company around becoming a corporate sponsor and get your logo on our home page.

  • Become a Chapter Leader if you are a Veteran in business.

  • Speak up and be an advocate for our servicemen/women. TALK ABOUT IT.

  • Don’t use the word “crazy” to describe anyone with a mental illness or issue. Their “wound” is invisible, but no less real than a physical one.

  • Volunteer with our team.

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest.

  • Comment on our blog posts and share them.

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