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PLEASE READ: Service Dog Fund Information

Our fund is in it's infancy stages, as Dane just passed in December. We are in the process of placing two dogs within the next month. Our placements are based on the amount of donations we receive into the fund. We are also in the process of creating an application for veterans to fill out who are interested in the placement of a dog. The application will go before a committee for selection. We will post the application as soon as we finish it.

We want to clarify that the dogs we are providing the veterans will be more companion/therapy dogs than service dogs, although any dog can be trained to be a service dog. We will provide the veteran with resources on how they can go through service dog training with their new dog at no cost to them, if they choose to.

Qualified applicants will receive a German Shepherd puppy at 12 weeks old, housebroken and free of charge. We will also provide the veteran with resources that allow them to go through service dog training with their new companion if they choose to do so. We are getting in touch with a few organizations within the Harrisburg area that assist veterans in training their pets to be service dogs and perform specific tasks for them based on their individual needs. Part of the therapy for Dane was working with Lager and creating that special bond with the dog, enabling him to leave the house and enjoy life again. We hope that by providing a puppy to a struggling veteran will help him/her cope with their symptoms of PTSD with their new companion always by their side.

Our original goal was to place one dog per year, so we are so amazed at the excessive donations and requests for these dogs. It means the world to us even placing just one dog because we know how much Lager brought Dane back to life for the little time he was here, and we want to give that gift to other veterans.

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