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Kristina welcomes home Oakley

Danes girlfriend Kristina welcomes her new baby boy Oakley home today. This was her beautiful post on facebook with the attached picture:

"I know Oakley was a gift from you my love. He was born on Christmas Day, the first born and the ONLY male. I got him on Valentine's Day, since you couldn't be here you knew he would make my day ️. Oakley would have been our pup but you made it easy for me since he was the only male and thats what we were going to get. I love and miss you more than words can describe my valentine. On a day where you celebrate love, you gave me Oakley to love and to comfort me, thank you sweetheart. Every time I look at him I know you sent him to me and I think of you and our lager bear. Happy Valentines my guardian angels"

Your gift today is Oakley, and although its bittersweet, he will give you so much love and comfort. We love you, and will always be here for you and Oakley in any way we can. Smile today, as your true love is in Heaven, many people live their whole life and never have a soulmate connection like that. You are truly blessed!

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